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Born in Corvallis OR, USA, 1982

Photographer/Sound Engineer

Current Residency, Scottsdale, AZ. USA

My name is Ben Browne and I am currently in the process of building this web site for my Cymatic photography.


Cymatic photography is the visual representation of vibrational energy. For more information, please google Hans Jenny, and Cymatics, he is regarded some what as the father of this art form, and the one who coined the term "Cymatics."


I use water, light, and sound vibration to produce these images. What you are basically looking at is a speaker cone turned up like a bowl with water inside it, and a tone played through the speaker. I look down over the top of it through a ring of lights and take the pictures. I use computer programs to enhance to color of the lights, and sometimes to invert the colors. I do nothing to alter the original photo other than that. The camera I use is a Canon EOS D5 MkII with a macro lens.


I believe that the visual representation of vibration can give us insight into what science has yet to prove, particularly about the behavoir and properties of energy. I plan to add much more to this site, complete with diagrams and explanations of the things I have observed throughout my self-guided experimentation.


Please feel free to email me so I can add you to my mailing list, my email is and if you have any questions please feel free to put them in the comment box in the contact section. I am happy to discuss, and hopefully make connections with people who find their way to this interest. Thank you and come back soon because I will continue to post more pictures during my free time. Thanks!


                                                                     -Ben Browne                                                                         




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